RFPs, RFQs & Proposals

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“The joy of music should never be interrupted by a commercial.”

– Leonard Bernstein

Requests for Proposal and Requests for Qualification can be very intimidating. They ask for so much information, often within a prescribed format and seemingly impossible page constraints. Don’t panic; just take it one baby step at a time.

The key ingredient to effectively responding to an RFP or RFQ is knowing who you are writing to and why. Then speak to your readers, reassuringly.

Let sincerity lace your every word and section as you produce the requested documentation and demonstrate your understanding of the project, your ability to do the job and the added value in your approach. Do not be afraid to add a dash of emotion. You are, after all, speaking to people.

Don’t just inform. Communicate. Connect. This will distinguish you from the bulk of your competition right off the bat. Take it from someone who’s responded to hundreds of solicitations and helped to achieve up to a 70 percent batting average for making the shortlist.

Click here for writing guides.

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