Business Blogging: Why I Am Smarter Than You About This But Maybe Not for Long

Business Blogging Telesummit 150

If you’re like me — a small business owner, entrepreneur or sole proprietor who wants to get more business traction from blogging — then drop in on The Business Blogging Telesummit. The online event runs December 12-16 and you can register here for free. Now, please don’t be jealous, but I have a head start [...]

Directly Upload a Picture to Your WordPress Blog From the iPhone

How to Directly Upload a Picture to Your Wordpress Blog From the iPhone

Use WordPress itself to upload photos from your computer. When you are on the go and away from a computer, rely instead on the “WordPress” app on your iPhone. Read more in the article “How to Directly Upload a Picture to Your WordPress Blog From the iPhone,” which appears in the popular online hub, eHow. [...]

On Argumentative Essay Topics

essay argumentative topics

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On Research Paper Recycling Topics

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On Writing a Press Release for a Conference

press release conference

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On Change of Address Notifications

letter change of address

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On Outstanding Employee Recommendation

letter outstanding employee recommendation

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On New Business Letter of Introduction

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On Letter Requesting Additional Resources

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