Head for Groovin’ On Apps — The New Home of iThingsiLove

Groovin' On Apps

iThingsiLove — the editorial category that captures all my articles about the iPhone, iPad and Apple — has permanently moved to a new sister site, Groovin’ On Apps. So please don’t be surprised if you are automatically directed there when you try to access any iPad or iPhone -related article here. Groovin’ On Apps will [...]

Top Recommended iPad and iPhone Accessories: An Amazon aStore Resource

An Amazon aStore to Maintain iSanity

If you’re new to this site, then you’ll need to hear this sheepish, two-part confession first — I have a voracious appetite for research AND I’m crazy nuts over the iPad and iPhone. Now that should put my very first Amazon aStore adventure in context. You see,  I’ve harnessed both insanities in one online resource [...]

iPad and iPhone Appcessory Gift Guide: Part 4 – Remote Controllers and Monitors


updated December 13, 2011 About two years ago, the folks at Business Insider reckoned that you could remotely control 25 categories of things with your iPhone. While I’m sure that we’ve surpassed that amazing number today, how you gain RC power with your iPhone or iPad remains largely unchanged — you buy a special accessory [...]

iPad and iPhone Appcessory Gift Guide: Part 3 – Music and Entertainment

iPad and iPhone Music and Entertainment Appcessory Gift Guide

The truth is, you’re a musician. We all are — just in varying degrees.  Whether you’re an indulgent music lover or an amazing music professional,  there’s an iPad or iPhone appcessory out there that can help you make your own beautiful, unique sound, pitch-perfect and enhanced. Based on research enjoyably started elsewhere, this year’s most [...]

iPad and iPhone Appcessory Gift Guide: Part 2 – Health and Fitness


updated December 13, 2011 It’s a great time to be a fitness buff given the number of iPad and iPhone health-related apps, accessories and app accessories  available today. With New Year resolutions  just around the corner, it’s also a wonderful time to motivate, inspire and equip others to take control of their health along with [...]

iPad and iPhone Appcessory Gift Guide: Part 1 – Toys and Games


updated December 13, 2011 Nowadays, you have three gift-giving choices to help an iPad or iPhone owner get more fun or functionality from his or her iDevice: Give an app, accessory or appcessory. An appcessory is a special app-and-accessory combo that transforms an iPad or iPhone into a wide range of desirable things, from a [...]

iPad and iPhone Gift Guides and Ideas for 2011-2012

iPad and iPhone Gift Ideas 2011-2012

If you’re at a loss for a great iPhone or iPad app or accessory gift, then I have just the post for you! Check it out below or click on this iPad and iPhone Gift Ideas 2011-2012 link. As always, I have been careful to source gift app and accessory recommendations from only the best [...]

How iPad Uses Wi-Fi or 3G When Both Are Available

Does an iPad Use Wi-Fi or 3G if Both Are Available?

When equipped to use both networks, iPad chooses Wi-Fi or 3G depending on whether it has a working data plan and whether its cellular radio is active when you try to connect. Read more in the article “Does an iPad Use Wi-Fi or 3G if Both Are Available,” which appears in the popular online hub, [...]

Download Music from an iPad

Can You Download Music From an iPad?

If your iPad is brimming with music that you want to preserve or share, you’ll need to download it first using iTunes. Simply sync your device or transfer purchases. Read more in the article “Can You Download Music From an iPad,” which appears in the popular online hub, eHow. For the full story, click here.  Published [...]