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Welcome to PushForWords’ research repository — where you are encouraged to FACTIFY, or fortify yourself with facts.

To put our research work in context, our closest friends and family — who happen to be our hugest fans — keep us on the straight and narrow path of accuracy. In other words, we better be right in our overviews, how-to’s and step-by-step’s, OR ELSE! As a result, we tend to conduct research like the famed TV character, Monk — obsessively, compulsively and extensively.

From time to time, we compile information that we feel can be helpful to our readers even in its raw state. We will make these nuggets available here. At the moment, access to the information will require a mere password, which you can secure with a small donation. Eventually, we may grow this section into a full-fledged membership site and will keep you posted if that happens.

In the meantime, happy sleuthing!