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If you find yourself “pushing for words” for that important communication piece to hit the mark, then  you’ve come to the right place for help. Here, you or your beleaguered staff can indulge in a little give and take: GIVE us the chance to do your creative  “pushing,” then TAKE  your focus to other things that you do better than us.


How We Can Help You

Editing pre-written communications

  • Copy editing (checking for typos, punctuation and spelling)
  • General editing (checking for inconsistency, redundancy, passive verbs, sentence structure, etc.)
  • Critiquing (giving suggestions for improvement)

Copywriting fresh communications

  • Personal and business letters
  • Professional resumes
  • Articles for magazines and newsletters
  • Brochures, direct mail and other promotional marketing
  • SEO-rich website and blog content
  • Speeches and presentation scripts
  • Ghostwritten editorials, opinions, etc.

Writing pursuit-specific communications

  • Government / public proposals
  • Private proposals
  • Statements of Qualifications (SOQs), and RFP and RFQ responses
  • Related Research and Strategic Planning
  • Interview Presentations

Complementary services

  • Page layout in MS Word or Adobe InDesign
  • Intensive calculations and charting in MS Excel
  • Presentation templates, content and notes in MS PowerPoint
  • Special graphics design, photography and highly specialized writing via outsource to reputable, reliable  professionals


To Get Started

  • Simply let Diana know what you need and by when. Let her also know what your budget is and how you would like to work together (i.e., confidentiality, exclusivity, etc.).
  • Commit to our mutual understanding of scope, cost and schedule with a signed agreement. A down payment will be required to begin the work.

Working Together

  • Partnership. To deliver quality, well-tailored material,  Diana will work with you so closely she will begin to “think” like you, even on matters like cost control and strategic competitiveness. You would simply need to be candid, comprehensive and timely with your input throughout the process.
  • Flexibility. For the duration of the project, you will be Diana’s “main event.” If the project is deadline-driven, she could make herself available  “16/7.”
  • No Surprises. Diana will communicate with you often to clarify, confirm, coordinate and report progress. The work will not be done until you are satisfied.

Contact Diana today to explore possibilities. If she  is unable to deliver what you need, she will let you know straightaway and could recommend capable alternatives from a wide network of writers, designers and PR experts with whom she has worked.